Which class is AC in train? (2023)

Which class AC is best in train?

AC first class: The most luxurious and expensive class of Indian Railways, with fares almost at par with airfares. There are eight cabins (including four or five coupes) in full AC first class coach and three cabins (including one coupe) in the half AC first class coach.

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Which class is AC in train?

Second Seating or 2S:
ClassFare (Rs.)
First AC (1A)1940
Executive Class (EC)1930
Second AC (2A)1150
First Class (FC)950
4 more rows

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What is 1st class AC in train?

AC first class: This is the most expensive class, where the fares are almost at par with air fare. There are eight cabins (including two coupes) in the full AC First Class coach and three cabins (including one coupe) in the half AC First Class coach. The coach has an attendant to help the passengers.

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How many people travel in 1st AC?

2 in a coupe and 4 in a cabin. 1A carriage layout.

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Is 3rd AC upper class?

Air-Conditioned Three-Tier Class (3AC)

There are also side berths (lower berth and upper berth) across the hall on the other side of the compartment. Unlike AC 2-tier class, AC 3-tier class doesn't have curtains to separate the berths for privacy concern. A pillow, sheet and blanket are provided for each berth.

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Can we sleep in AC 3 economy?

The result: Unlike in other AC coaches, those travelling by AC 3-tier economy class will not get bedrolls and blankets. This is because the AC 3-tier economy class coaches have no space for keeping bed linen.

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Which is better 2AC or 3AC?

AC 3 Tier (3AC)

It's more crowded than 2AC, and lacks the privacy curtains and individual reading lights found in 2AC. You are still provided with bedding for overnight trains. Unreliable at times, there are power sockets to charge but you will have to share these with the other passengers.

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Is 3AC comfortable?

Many passengers have experienced shivering cold inside AC-3 coach many times, while travelling through very hot paces, where outside temperatures were in 43-45 oC range. In short the AC setting is always full and the chill unbearable sometimes even with the provision of blankets!

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What is 2A/3A SL 2S in train?

SL : SLEEPER CLASS. 1A : 1st AC. 2A : 2 tier AC. 3A : 3 tier AC. 2S : second seater.

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What is 1AC 2AC 3AC in train?

If you mean 1AC and 2AC, my memory is that 1AC has two beds in each little compartment, and 2AC has four. 3AC, which we used for preference, has six. I am happy to be corrected about 1AC if someone else knows better than I...

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Is food free in 1st AC?

Yes, food is available in most of the 1st class AC coach but it's not free, you need to pay for it. Not all the trains having 1st class AC coach will provide you food for free, you need to select (menu available on that day) & purchase as per your convenience.

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What is cabin in 1st AC?

In 1st AC coaches, the compartments 4 berths (2 Upper and 2 Lower) are called cabins. In a full 1st AC coach, there are usually 4 cabins, whereas, in half 1st AC coach, there are 2 cabins. Passengers travelling in the AC first class can lock their cabins from inside, and make their journey more comfortable and secure.

Which class is AC in train? (2023)
How do you get a coupe in 1AC?

Indeed,if you are a couple ,then most likely,you will be allotted a coupe. You will be mostly allotted a cabin if you are a family of four. But if you are a couple,and then if any other VIP couples are travelling,the Railways will allot a coupe for the VIPs and you will be getting a cabin. This is valid for cabin also.

What is 1A in train booking?

1) 1A – First Class AC

AC Tier-1 is the most expensive class of Indian Railways. The ticket price of 1A coach is equivalent to the fare of an aeroplane. The AC-1 coaches have eight cabins, and the half AC first-class coach has three cabins.

Is 1st AC Safe?

If you are travelling in winters then its better to avoid trains as its foggy and it might be delayed for hours . Other Ac class are also safe as we have police guards on the trains in case of any problem but AC first class is most comfortable one and you could be assured about your security too .

Can I travel in AC with sleeper ticket?

Opt for Auto Upgradation. Indian Railways has been constantly trying to implement new services so as to make train travel smoother and hassle-free for train travellers.

Can I take dog in train?

For carrying dogs, there are two travel options available. A dog can be taken in a coupe (2 berths) or a cabin (4 berths) of a train in A.C. First Class or Non-A.C. First Class. No pets are allowed in AC Sleeper Coaches, AC chair car coaches and second class coaches.

Is food free in 3rd AC?

Besides you get “free” breakfast, two meals and evening tea depending upon your travel on the train. The charges for all these items are included in your ticket and you don't have to pay anything extra for them.

Is blanket provided in 3rd AC?

1. Bed rolls comprising of one blanket, one pillow, 2 bed sheets and one face towel, are supplied free of cost to all passengers traveling by AC First Class, AC 2-tier sleeper and AC 3-tier sleeper classes including those boarding from intermediate stations.

How can I choose my seat in train?

Check Train Seat Availability Online
  1. Enter your Source and destination station.
  2. Choose the date of journey. ...
  3. Enter "Search Trains" and the list of trains, running dates, and their seat availability will be displayed on the screen.
  4. Choose your train and preferred class from the list to complete your train ticket booking.

Do they provide blankets in 3AC 2022?

The service of providing linen and blanket in AC coaches were discontinued by the Indian Railways as a precautionary measure against the Covid-19 pandemic. The Indian Railways IRCTC has restarted to provide bedrolls and blanket services in multiple trains across India from April 2022.

Can we control AC in trains?

Well, you can manually switch off A/C in a compartment. There will be control panel in every compartment which you can request the train attendants to turn it off. But, this is not done because there are other passengers in the compartment who will object it.

What is the cost of AC ticket in train?

Tatkal Fare – Minimum 30% Fare of Base Fare.
Class of TravelMinimum Tatkal Charges (INR)Maximum Tatkal Charges (INR)
AC Chair Car125225
AC 3 Tier300400
AC 2 Tier400500
2 more rows
Apr 12, 2018

Is food free in 2AC?

Passengers travelling in 2AC/3A/CC will have to pay ₹155 instead of ₹105 for morning breakfast. ₹235 instead of ₹185 for lunch and dinner.

Does 2AC have curtains?

With this decision, reserved passengers on the trains will be given linen and blankets, and the curtains will return to the AC coaches like earlier.

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