Is a Stage 2 remap worth it? (2023)

Is a Stage 2 remap worth it?

Importance: Stage 2 remap is one of the most favourable modifications for a vehicle. It is because it lies in the mid of Stage 1 and 3; it means that you will not regret getting small lower gains after getting stage 1 remap and will not worry if you do not want to take a risk of stage 3 to remap.

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How much HP does a Stage 2 tune add?

Revo quote gains from 55HP up to 90HP depending on what settings are used with their software. The required hardware for their stage 2 software includes a full turbo-back exhaust with a sports-cat and a high-flow air intake.

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What should I upgrade on Stage 2 remap?

Exhaust Upgrade

An aftermarket exhaust system is another key component of a stage 2 remap, and in most cases, a full turbo-back exhaust system is required. This will comprise of a decat or sports cat downpipe, depending on your intended use, coupled with an oversized cat-back exhaust.

What does a Stage 2 tune do?

A stage 2 tune involves fitting a turbo-back exhaust on turbocharged vehicles or a cat-back exhaust system on non-turbocharged vehicles. In either case, these systems are designed to improve airflow from the engine. They are also well-known for improving the sound of a car.

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Do you need to tell insurance about remap?

Yes, you need to tell your insurance provider if your car engine has been remapped. In car insurance terms, remapping or chipping is considered a car modification, even if it's one you can't actually see. If you don't inform your insurance provider, it could invalidate your policy.

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Does a remap affect 0 60?

You can use products like this to calculate 0 – 60, 0 – 100 plus more before and after a remap. From our experience, on cars that are up to 2.0-litres (turbocharged or not), you can expect a stock 0 – 62mph time to be beaten in a remapped car by 0.2 seconds.

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What will a Stage 2 remap do to my car?

Stage two performance remapping employs a quality exhaust system with a good air intake filter or induction kit. Typically, with a stage two performance upgrade there is a sizeable increase in amount of usable power and a significant increase in the performance and drivability of your vehicle.

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How much HP does a cold air intake add?

Cold Air Intakes are said to improve your vehicle's performance by 5-20 horsepower. This number will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. While this isn't enough power to put you back in your seat, it will give your car or truck a little pep in its step.

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How much does a Stage 2 tune cost?

You can expect to spend around $200 to $500 on stage 1 modifications and $450 to $850 on stage 2 tunes. In addition to stage 1 mods, stage 2 includes induction kit mods to increase airflow. Moreover, a turbo-back can be added to improve airflow from the engine.

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What gains will I get from a remap?

  • Dead spots in acceleration reduced. The biggest advantage of a remap is that it smooths out dead areas in your vehicle's power curve. ...
  • Increased power. Getting a remap will increase the horsepower available to your engine, all while staying well within safety margins. ...
  • Better torque. ...
  • Increased fuel efficiency.

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Does a Stage 2 remap make your car louder?

Will remapping my car make it louder? No remapping a car does not make it louder. The car's engine may act differently producing more RPM (Revs per minute) at different and producing more power but does not make it louder.

Can remapping damage your turbo?

Some people are concerned that engine remapping could cause problems with their car. But it shouldn't affect reliability if you use a reputable company. Remapping does put extra strain on an engine, but not a dangerous amount if it's done properly.

Is a Stage 2 remap worth it? (2023)
What is a Stage 3 remap?

A stage 3 remap is the pinnacle of remaps. This will give you the most power and performance your vehicle can produce and like stage 2, some modifications will allow for the full potential to be reached.

What mods are needed for a Stage 2 tune?

Typical Stage 2 Mods often include:
  • Fast Road Cam.
  • DPF and Cat Replacement with Higher Flow Rates.
  • High Flow Fuel Injector & Fuel Pump Upgrades.
  • Ported and polished head.
  • Power/Sport Clutch.
  • Lighter Flywheels.
  • Nitrous Kits.
  • Intercooler Upgrades.

Can dealers detect remap?

Is a Superchips remap detectable by the dealer? In most cases, no. Some manufacturers can tell that something has changed, but not necessarily what. If and when you need to return your vehicle back to the original remap, you will need to do one of the following, depending on your purchase.

Can a dealer see a remap?

Can OEMs check to see if I have had a car remap? Yes, they can. But whether or not they will find out that your car has been remapped is another question. The diagnostic equipment in most dealership garages is not sophisticated enough to check ECU software for discrepancies between it and the original software.

Can a remap be undone?

In many cases, a car's remap can be reversed. So, if you decide you'd rather have the original software installed back on your car, it's easily done. That said, this won't bring back the warranty you've voided.

What are the cons of remapping?

Overall, the disadvantages of remapping a car include: Remapping only really benefits turbo engines. There are serious diminishing returns when remapping a non-turbo engine. Engine strain from remapped cars is significantly greater, given the greater speed, power and performance of an engine.

Does remapping shorten engine life?

An engine remap doesn't put any stress on the engine, so it doesn't affect the longevity of it as long as it is done by a garage like AP Autocare who have the equipment and expertise to do it properly and safely.

How much HP can you get from a remap?

You can expect a 20-30% increase in bhp and torque after a remap. This extra performance is accessible across the rev range, particularly at low revs and in the mid-range. A typical 30-70mph run will be reduced by 1.5-2 seconds, and your car will pull better at higher speeds.

Does remapping add value?

Remapping your car could only affect the private resale value if you were to tell the person who's buying it. And even if you were to tell the person who's buying it, the chances of your remap decreasing the value of your car are minimal at best.

Will a remap improve mpg?

Remapping your car can increase how many miles per gallon you can go, improving your overall fuel economy. As your remapped car will now be able to do extra miles for every gallon of fuel, this means you will find yourself filling up your fuel tank less often, thus lowering your fuel costs.

Can a remap damage the ECU?

An obvious question that most people ask about our ECU remapping service is “Will it damage my engine?” The short answer is No!

Will a K&N filter add horsepower?

Does a K&N system really increase power? Yes, K&N intakes really do increase horsepower and torque; in fact, it's guaranteed. One of the fastest ways to add more airflow, horsepower, and throttle response to your vehicle is by installing a cold air intake.

How much HP does K&N filter add?

So if you can get cooler air into your engine, your car will be able to mix more fuel with that air, making more power. Combine that with the more air through the larger and less restrictive filter and intake tube and you can see up to a 10-15 horsepower increase.

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