How much HP does a Stage 2 tune add? (2023)

What does a Stage 2 tune do?

A stage 2 tune involves fitting a turbo-back exhaust on turbocharged vehicles or a cat-back exhaust system on non-turbocharged vehicles. In either case, these systems are designed to improve airflow from the engine. They are also well-known for improving the sound of a car.

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How much horsepower does a Stage 2 tune?

Stage 1 Tune up to 549 HP, Stage 2 up to 585 HP, Stage 3 up to 613 HP.

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How much power does a Stage 2 add?

Stage 2 tuning doesn't typically have the same level of gains – you can realistically expect a further 5-10% increase in power and torque.

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How much more HP does a tune add?

' A 'tune' is a device that will update your car's ECU or computer and give it different instructions on how to deliver power to the engine. You will unlock your engine's full capacity with this tune. It can add 15-30 horsepower and 20-30 lb-ft of torque on most basic cars.

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Is Stage 1 or 2 tune better?

What is stage tuning? A stage represents a set of upgrades fitted as a set. As you might expect, a stage is how far you've gone with tuning part of your car. Stage 2 represents a more tuned car than stage 1.

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How much does a Stage 2 tune cost?

You can expect to spend around $200 to $500 on stage 1 modifications and $450 to $850 on stage 2 tunes. In addition to stage 1 mods, stage 2 includes induction kit mods to increase airflow. Moreover, a turbo-back can be added to improve airflow from the engine.

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How much HP does Stage 3 add?

The Stage 3 kit improves torque by up to 24% over original equipment and gives you up to 39% more horsepower.

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Is it safe to stage 2 a car?

Stage 2 remap is one of the most favourable modifications for a vehicle. It is because it lies in the mid of Stage 1 and 3; it means that you will not regret getting small lower gains after getting stage 1 remap and will not worry if you do not want to take a risk of stage 3 to remap.

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How much HP does Stage 2 Cobb add?

This setup cools temps as much as 100 degrees and produces significant power. Everything is tuned right out of the box with the Accessport and pre-installed maps. The Stage 2 Power Pack has gains of 14% HP and 15% LB-FT on 93 octane.

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What does a Stage 3 tune do?

Stage 3 modifications are known by most as a track day modification. Similarly, to stage 2, they will also require other mods to support them but they are usually less ideal for road use due to there aggressiveness. A stage 3 modified car will need to be regularly overhauled and serviced.

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What mods are needed for a Stage 2 tune?

Typical Stage 2 Mods often include:
  • Fast Road Cam.
  • DPF and Cat Replacement with Higher Flow Rates.
  • High Flow Fuel Injector & Fuel Pump Upgrades.
  • Ported and polished head.
  • Power/Sport Clutch.
  • Lighter Flywheels.
  • Nitrous Kits.
  • Intercooler Upgrades.

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What does a Stage 2 upgrade include?

Stage 2: this is typically referred to an engine with a performance cam upgrade as well as the other components within a Stage 1 combination. A typical Stage 2 has generally +20-25% more HP than stock. Stage 4: this would be a moderate compression big bore combination.

How much HP does a Stage 2 tune add? (2023)
What is Stage 2 modding?

Stage 2 Modifications

Like stage 1, stage 2 mods are usually a DIY fit but will require more specialist knowledge and tools. Some examples of stage 2 mods include aggressive remap that requires a stronger turbo, sports exhaust requiring new headers and internal mods requiring fuel to be uprated.

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